The Benefits Of Group Training

The Benefits Of Group Training

And how it can help you achieve your goals faster!

By Coach David de Leon


When was the last time you walked into a big brand name gym by yourself? By big brand name I mean the type of gym flooded with machines and everyones favorite…MIRRORS! When you went, did you feel almost awkward, like you didn’t know what the hell to do next? I will be the first to admit that training alone, well, sucks. From girls who are sure to look “date night ready” while at the gym, to the folks doing bicep curls in the squat racks, working out solo can be demotivating, confusing and down right frustrating. But on the flip side, group training can be the complete opposite when done in the right atmosphere. And that’s why in this post I am going to talk about the benefits of group training, and when the correct group and place is chosen, the results will come much faster and the journey more enjoyable. Read More

Tracking Your Progress

Tracking Your Progress 

And why it is necessary in 2016


2015 came and went before we could even blink. The things we set out to do, be it travel or something health and fitness related, may have gone just as quickly. Did you track the places you went in 2015 ? Did you track the memories you had or the people you met? Sometimes we experience more than we think we do but by the end of the year but have nothing to refer to in order to say, “Wow, look at all of this great stuff I did/people I met”. The same goes for your fitness. Maybe you did make some incredible changes but simply just didn’t notice. In 2016, I want you to start tracking what you do in the gym, even if it isn’t your thing. Here’s why. Read More

Small Wins in 2016





When the new year approaches, everyone gets that tingle in their belly. The tingle that says, “oh yeah, this is the year I make everything happen!”. Unfortunately by April the wings have fallen off the plane and another new year of new goals gets thrown out. I think creating big goals is very important. But just as important are the small wins on your journey to the big on.. So in this post, let’s talk small wins and how they can help you in 2016.

The most common fitness goal every year for the average person is losing weight. Be it a little or a lot, someone you know is guaranteed to have this goal in their mind or on paper, and honestly it is a great goal. But as a coach who has seen many people be very unsuccessful with this goal, I would suggest breaking this goal into pieces. Make the weight loss the big win. Between now and the big win, set up small achievements. If you are not very active but are wanting to lose weight this year, a small win may be walking 10 minutes per day. 10 minutes, seriously, that is so easy. But in comparison to what you do now, if what you do now is nothing, it can turn into a big win at the end of the year.

Another great small win in 2016 for someone wanting to lose weight may be cutting back on sugary drinks or alcohol. Maybe you aren’t capable of cutting it out 100%, that is fine. But maybe cutting back 2 or 3 drinks per week could really help you get to your big win at the end of the year. Sometimes, when we only have the big win in mind, we forget about the one thousand small things that can help us get there and how important those small wins are.

Now lets say you are wanting to compete in an event. Since a lot of people at the gym are currently signed up for marathons or half marathons, we will use that as an example. Your big win is the final race, but signing up for some shorter races that may help you better understand yourself as a runner can be a small win that really impacts your big win. Often times people sign up for an event 4, 5, or 6 months out and never do anything competitive between the day they sign up and the day of the event. Prepping with 1 or 2 small wins will boost your confidence and may help you run a better race during your “big win”.

The point of this post today is to tell you all to not get worked up on 1 big goal. Accomplishing goals is a process. If you expect to achieve a goal you set in only a few months, then the goal you set may not be very challenging. Find a big goal, set the bar very high for yourself, and enjoy the small wins. Some of us may set goals we may never achieve, but the small wins we accomplish as we strive to get there made it all worth while.

On a side note, I know you are all adults, but write those goals down. There is nothing crazy about having goals. It is normal to people who do extraordinary things to have goals written down. Don’t let 2016 be another year that goes by and in late December you say to yourself, “Damn, I really didn’t improve as a person this year. I didn’t achieve anything. Guess I’ll do it in 2017”. You have 361 days left to begin your journey, make it happen.

Maintaining Your Fitness During The Holidays

Before I get too deep into this, I love pumpkin pie and I will eat it during Thanksgiving, cool? I say that because I am not about to go on a rant about avoiding desserts during the holidays. Everyone should be able to enjoy it. But how do you enjoy it without going completely overboard? How does maintaining your fitness during the holidays happen? Well, here is my go to plan during the Holidays!

When it comes to maintaining your fitness during the holidays, the best thing to do is treat your lunch or dinner like 1 meal and not a buffet. When we hear the word buffet we automatically think SECONDS! Going back to that line and scarfing down as many plates as possible. Why do this? Seriously? Isn’t it a bit odd that we over eat so much during thanksgiving? And 3 plates of food, I mean, kind of gross. Treat your meal as 1 plate and a dessert, you know, like you normally do on any other day. Give your body time to process that first plate. Some people eat so fast, we never give their bodies enough time to process the amount of food they have eaten before they pile more food on top of it. So, chill out, take it one plate at a time.

The second thing I would suggest is filling your first plate up with tons of veggies. Be sure vegetables are the first on the plate, and a lot of it. Half of your plate doesn’t have to be stuffing. If you are eating a legit turkey day meal, there should be some pretty awesome veggies to go along with it as well. Don’t miss those, they will fill you up and some will provide you with the fiber you need to help keep you regular after a big meal.

Lastly, remember that Thanksgiving is one day. Seriously, you don’t need to pig out Thursday through Sunday. Have your day of food galore, and enjoy the heck out of it. But once you are done, use your turkey left overs and leave your pies and desserts behind. If you don’t, you will really regret it come Monday when your body is tired and beat up from all of the junk you have thrown its way.

To sum things up, remember to treat your lunch/dinner like 1 meal, not a buffet. Fill your first plate up with tons of veggies! It will keep you full and regular. And last, Thanksgiving is one day, so don’t eat like it is a week.

The Compound Effect

The Compound Effect is a famous book written by Darren Hardy. In the book he talks about the small things you can do everyday that at the moment may seem worthless, but when done day in and day out, can add up to be something great. A quick example would be coffee. Let’s say you buy a $4 coffee 4 times per week. At the end of the year you have spent $832

Read More

Should I Workout When I’m Sore?

When you spend most of your life as a trainer, you get to hear a lot of crazy things. Anything from people sleeping in hyperbaric chambers, to people eating their placenta after birth for the health benefits. Neither of which I am denying as good or bad, I’m just saying, I hear it all. But more commonly on a weekly basis is the questions of, Should I workout when I’m sore? A very happening question, and one I am going to quickly cover. Read More

Fitness and Mental Wellbeing

Everyone knows it’s important to get some form of physical activity, be it a walk around the block, a bike ride or pumping iron at your local gym. Some people do it to lose weight, get ripped, or to tone up. You’ve probably also heard that exercise is good for overall fitness and mental wellbeing. Does it matter where this activity takes place? Is stepping out the door and going for a jog through your neighborhood just as good as heading to a park for a hike through the trees? There are some scientists at Stanford that would say it does matter, in fact, location is everything. Read More

The Best Boot Camp In Austin

To claim yourself as the best at something takes a lot of….courage. No matter the industry, there is always a TON of competition doing everything they can to be the best as well. But sometimes you just know when you cannot be topped. No, OTL Boot Camps aren’t the biggest in the area. We don’t have 50 coaches with spots all over the city of Austin. But that is something we actually take pride in. We are about quality over quantity and when we say we are the best boot camp in Austin, we mean it. Read More

The Cure For Low Energy

Who hasn’t felt the midday low energy slump? If you haven’t you probably know someone who has. Or if you work around others, you’ve heard someone complain about it. To lose energy in the middle of the day and rely on caffeine as your pick me up will get old. But, it doesn’t have to happen that way, you can make a change in the way you live that cal help you fix the midday slumps. So here is our advice on the cure for low energy. Read More