Maintaining Your Fitness During The Holidays

Before I get too deep into this, I love pumpkin pie and I will eat it during Thanksgiving, cool? I say that because I am not about to go on a rant about avoiding desserts during the holidays. Everyone should be able to enjoy it. But how do you enjoy it without going completely overboard? How does maintaining your fitness during the holidays happen? Well, here is my go to plan during the Holidays!

When it comes to maintaining your fitness during the holidays, the best thing to do is treat your lunch or dinner like 1 meal and not a buffet. When we hear the word buffet we automatically think SECONDS! Going back to that line and scarfing down as many plates as possible. Why do this? Seriously? Isn’t it a bit odd that we over eat so much during thanksgiving? And 3 plates of food, I mean, kind of gross. Treat your meal as 1 plate and a dessert, you know, like you normally do on any other day. Give your body time to process that first plate. Some people eat so fast, we never give their bodies enough time to process the amount of food they have eaten before they pile more food on top of it. So, chill out, take it one plate at a time.

The second thing I would suggest is filling your first plate up with tons of veggies. Be sure vegetables are the first on the plate, and a lot of it. Half of your plate doesn’t have to be stuffing. If you are eating a legit turkey day meal, there should be some pretty awesome veggies to go along with it as well. Don’t miss those, they will fill you up and some will provide you with the fiber you need to help keep you regular after a big meal.

Lastly, remember that Thanksgiving is one day. Seriously, you don’t need to pig out Thursday through Sunday. Have your day of food galore, and enjoy the heck out of it. But once you are done, use your turkey left overs and leave your pies and desserts behind. If you don’t, you will really regret it come Monday when your body is tired and beat up from all of the junk you have thrown its way.

To sum things up, remember to treat your lunch/dinner like 1 meal, not a buffet. Fill your first plate up with tons of veggies! It will keep you full and regular. And last, Thanksgiving is one day, so don’t eat like it is a week.

The Compound Effect

The Compound Effect is a famous book written by Darren Hardy. In the book he talks about the small things you can do everyday that at the moment may seem worthless, but when done day in and day out, can add up to be something great. A quick example would be coffee. Let’s say you buy a $4 coffee 4 times per week. At the end of the year you have spent $832

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Should I Workout When I’m Sore?

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Fitness and Mental Wellbeing

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The Best Boot Camp In Austin

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The Cure For Low Energy

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Waxman Super Sliders: Reverse Lunges

   Super Slider Reverse Lung Video Demo


We have been implementing Waxman Super Sliders to our workouts in class during out reset phase. The video demo below is for Reverse Lunges. Reverse lunges have provided our athletes the ability to strengthen midline, hips, and quads while being able to strength the hip flexor and psoas as well.

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Body Recovery Phase at OTL Fitness

Last week at OTL we began a body recovery phase after a 6 week olympic lifting cycle. Going in to it, we knew it wasn’t “sexy” but we also know that our athletes trust the process and the reasoning behind it. Here is a quick overview of what’s going on, why we are doing it, and the benefits we hope everyone sees from it.

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Front Rack Position

The front rack position is the start of many movements you see at the gym. From front squats, to pressing, although similar, each movement has it’s own variation of the front rack position.

In this quick video we demonstrate the front rack position for the front squat and the press. The right set up leads us to stronger and more efficient lifts!

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