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Our mission is to create a high quality training environment of like-minded individuals willing to show up, work hard, be coachable and enjoy the process. We welcome all who are willing to follow the standards and who bring value to the training environment while taking away nothing from everyone else.

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Built for any member regardless of gender, age, and current ability.

Indoor Classes

Indoor classes are a group strength and conditioning classes built for any member regardless of gender, age, and current ability.

OTL Boot Camps

OTL Boot Camps are Austin’s answer to the best outdoor fitness program. Each day is something new to keep you on your toes.

Nutrition Program

If you want your body to recover in order to perform not only in the gym, but in life, you have to fuel yourself correctly.

Personal Training

Personal Training gives our members 1-on-1 coaching with a coach & is a way to introduce them back into a workout routine.

See What Our Community is Saying

Attention to detail is key in any coach and success of a gym. David & Travis go above and beyond to push each and everyone of us in the gym outside of our comfort zone. I cannot speak highly enough of this gym. This is the place to be no matter your fitness level or goals!

For the past year I’ve been searching for a gym to call ‘home.’ After the first day, I was hooked! The coaches here are full of life, attentive, and push you when they know you need a push to be the better you you can be! So happy to have found my home!

This is truly an investment in your health if you’re serious about wanting to improve your life. The workouts are ALWAYS challenging; there isn’t a dull moment. The best part about it is that anyone can do it. It’s not for the weak minded. It’s definitely worth your time!

Wow! I can’t say enough about how great this program is. This place will change your life. Courtney and David are so welcoming and encouraging, and the workouts are a blast. Everyone is welcome here.

I seriously cannot say enough amazing things about this place! David & Courtney have seriously built a wonderful place that I am lucky enough to call my second home! The coaches, atmosphere, members & workouts are so inspiring. I love my OTL family!

Meet Our Coaches

David De Leon

Indoor Coach

Courtney De Leon

Boot Camp Coach

Travis Goyeneche

Indoor Coach

Laura Kromann, MD

Boot Camp Coach

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February 18
How to Squat: Covering the Basics [Video]

How to Squat: Covering the Basics [Video]

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January 02
Corporate fitness: What every company should look for

Corporate fitness: What every company should look for

The mid 2000’s brought on the fitness phenomenon of “corporate fitness”. Every large and mid-sized company created budgets to bring in “fitness professionals” to help guide their employees into a life of wellness and happiness, so they thought. Instead, what many companies experienced was huge turnouts for the first 3-4 weeks which was quickly followed by a major drop in attendance leaving the company paying big bucks, for little turn out. The question this leaves us with is why?

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November 26
OTL Fitness 2019 Pricing Change

OTL Fitness 2019 Pricing Change

Hey OTL Family, Coach David and Courtney here. In 2019 our pricing for OTL Fitness will change. Since our opening in 2012 we have never adjusted our prices. Not through a 3x rent increase and not even as Austin property taxes have continued to increase.

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