The OTL Fitness Story

Our founders

David and Courtney De Leon

David and Courtney De Leon started OTL Fitness in 2010. Their journey together started in high school right here in Austin, Texas where they met during their senior year. Fitness has been part of their lives since day one and has evolved into the community that is OTL Fitness today. Outside of the gym, you can find them with their son, Oliver, enjoying the outdoors, going to classic car shows, and spending quality time with their parents/family many of whom are Austinites as well. From the founders and coaches: “Our vision is to provide a space for people of all walks of life and all fitness levels to come together and forget about the complexities of life for the hour. Our role as coaches is to inspire and motivate our community members to work hard, have fun and be consistent in their pursuit of a healthier and happier life. No one here is alone, this is a community driven vision. We’d love for you to be part of something bigger than the individual and help us continue to spread health, happiness and fitness right here in Austin, Texas and beyond”.

Travis Goyeneche

Coach Travis has a strong passion for anatomy, physiology and overall movement of the human body. From preparing world class sprinters for the Olympic Trials/Olympics, to helping strengthen and rehabilitate the general population, each day is an opportunity for Travis to learn more and teach others the benefits of strength and movement regardless of their current fitness level, goals or experience. Coach Travis believes that good communication with his clients builds trust, and with a strong foundation of trust, anything is possible.

Blake Campbell

Blake has been a coach at OTL since 2020. Originally from Washington state, Blake is an Austin transplant who loves the city and its strong community. His favorite part about working out is the opportunity to push past his comfort zones. Outside of the gym Blake enjoys training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, traveling and going on adventures with his wife, Kaitlyn.

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