Workout: 9_08_2023

Warm up
1. 2x: Single leg bear crawl >< + plank position lateral walks >< + crab walks ><

2. 3 minute dead hang (on and off as needed)

3. Partner you go I go push ups to 80 by 2’s. 
1) 3x: DB Together incline press x 12 + Chin ups x 6 w/3s down phase + single arm triceps pull downs x 12/12

2) 4 plate barbell bench press burnout (4 plates of any size on each side) complete max reps, quickly remove 1 weight from each side, repeat until barbell only (20 rep cutoff with barbell only) + band pulls x 20
Partner Workout: 2 rounds of each then back to top

P1: Blue awning run w/KB (40lb max)P2: DB Snatch + Press x 5/5 into both hands holding DB OH until partner returns

P1: 10 Burpee box jumpsP2: Wall sit with plate hold extended out

P1: Ski x 200mP2: Press x 10 + OH Hold