Workout: 6_22_2023

Warm up
– 6 minutes: 6 pt. Knee rotations x 10/10 + Banded squats x 10 + Kick stand RDL x 10/10

– 8 minutes: Deadlifts x 5 (warm up weight) + Dead hang x 20s + wide stance KB RDL x 10
Note: This is not a race through the rounds. Take your time, go fast on the conditioning parts, but don’t rush the lifting. Use challenging weights and take your time!

 P1: Performs 5 deadlifts then holds at the top until P2 finishes ski
P2: Begins 175m Ski once P1 is in hold position

P1: Performs 8 Dual KB Cleans
P2: Begins 300m Bike once P1 is in front rack

P1: Performs 8 Barbell front squats (no rack) Then holds wall sit
P2: Begins 200m Row when P1 is in wall sit

P1: 10 DB Push Press then hold both DB’s OH
P2: 8 Burpee box jumps once P1 is holding OH