Workout: 6_14_2023

Warm Up
1) 3x: Jumping jacks x 20s + yoga push ups x 5 + superman pull downs x 10

2) 2x: Single leg hop x 20sR/20sL + Side to side single leg hops x 20sR/20sL + in place pogo hops x 20s

3) 3x:Plate Raise to OH (2 hands on one) from bottom of squat position x 10 + wall facing HS Hold x 20s + F. lunge to OH Reach x 6 total
15 minutes: 

– Dual front rack Alt. KB Thrusters x 8 

– Single KB OH Carry R></L><

– Max rep pull ups with band in 20s. If you have stronger pull ups, use a lighter band

– kick stand RDL x 8/8
Three 5 minutes sections with 1 minute rest between each. Work hard for those 5 min!

1) Slider sprinters (hands on sliders run down/back) >< x 2- Lightly weighted jumping lunges x 12 

2) 300m Bike + 10 reps of push up with a jump through at the top of each rep.

3) Barbell curls x 12 + Dual DB Sit up to press x 6 + DB Push ups x 6