Workout: 2_28_2023

Warm up
1x:  Lat. stretch on wall x 30s + prone chest stretch x 30s/30s + yoga push ups x 1min

2x: 30s burpees + 30s wtd arm circles forward +30s wtd arm circles back 

2x: Dead hang x 80s + rest 30s + dead hang x 80s
8 minutes: Elbow plank band pulls x 10/10 + Dual kneeling DB press x 10 + seated band pull downs x 10

12 minutes:  Barbell strict press x 10 + push press x 5 + Push Jerk x 3 (complex style) – Wide grip pulls ups x 8
With a partner, 2 rounds of each, then back to top for 1 round of each:

P1: 200m SkiP2: Dual KB Front rack hold

P1: Heavy farmer carry (2 kb’s) >< x 2P2: Plank up-downs until partner returns 

P1: Blue awning run P2: Dual DB Press x 10/OH Hold until partner returns