Workout: 10_19_2023

Warm up
– 3x: Jumping jacks x 20s + air squats x 20s + bodyweight hinge x 20s 

– 2x: SL hops in and out x 20sR/L + Lateral SL hops in and out x 20R/L

– 6 minutes: Band walks x 12/12 + Banded glute bridge x 12 + Prone scorpion x 4
– 3x: KB Goblet Squat 3s down + 3s pause x 5 + Squat jump for height x 5 + KB RDL x 8

10 minutes: 
– Barbell w/rack: 
– 8x: Step back Lunge R/L + Squat = 1rep 
– Hanging side to side knee tucks 
1 round of each and move on! Continue for 12-15 minutes: 
P1) Blue awning run
P2) 10KB Swings into goblet hold (standing)

P1) Bike x 300
P2) Max rep push ups in 30s 

P1) Headcutters x 10
P2) Max rep pull ups for duration of head cutters