Workout: 4_26_2024

Warm up
– Guadalupe run
– 90s/90s Couch Stretch
– 8 minutes: KB wide stance RDL x 10 + Goblet squat with Band +  light kb squat jump (no band) x 10 + 
8 minutes: 
– Dual Front Rack 3 cone walk and squat
– 2 squats at each cone. Keep it moderate/lighter (10 total)
– 6 pt. Straight leg lift/abduction/back to middle x 10R/10L

3-5 reps of front squat > Change to back squat and complete 8-10 reps + supine scorpion/stretch between sets
With a partner complete 2 sets at each section before moving on. If time available go back to top for 1x each. 

P1) Completes 250m RowP2) 10 press then Holds 2 DB’s OH until rower is finished 

P1) Blue awning RunP2) Air squats x 25 + wall sit until partner returns

P1) Burpee box jumps x 8P2) 10 toes to bar or knee tucks into dead hang until partner finishes