Workout: 3_16_2023

A Found Farewell To a Friend.

Today, our friend and long time OTL family member, Laura Crossley, will have her last workout with us before she moves to sunny San Diego! Laura, you will be missed, but we are so happy for you and your new adventure in life! We know you will be back to visit us one day :). This workout is for you…

Warm up
– Guadalupe run 

– 5 minutes: Prone scorpion x 4 + Dive bomber push ups x 5 + squat rotations x 4

– 20/10 x 5: Press/OH Hold or Push ups/FLR
12K Team Ski:

– 0-4K: Bear Crawl ><

– 4-8K: Plate Push ><

– 8-12K: Frog hops ><