Workout: 10_05_2023

Warm up
– 1 minute of Jumping Jacks
– 1 minute of squats
– 1 minute of push up step throughs

3x: DB Z-press x 12 + band pull apart x 12 + Plank wave push ups x 5
15 minutes:

– Split stance SA DB Push Jerk x 8/8
– Deficit push ups x 12 w/3s pause at bottom every 4th rep (blocks, pull up bars, etc)
– Bench elevated prone position DB pulls x 12 
– OH Banded triceps extensions x 12
– Plank position DB Transfer x 10 
You go, I go with a partner 2x each then back to top:

P1) Performs 10 DB Deadlifts, on last rep, hold DBs in standing position until P2 finishes their Ski (set DB’s down gently)
P2) Begins 200m ski once P1 finishes DLs

P1) Performs 10 Burpee Box step up and overs
P2) Holds wall sit with plate extended out in front.