Workout: 7_14_2023

Warm up
Coach Travis’ 15-20 min warm up flow!
– 3x: Bulgarian split squat x 6/6 + Half kneeling band pull/DB press x 6/6 (one hand pulls hanging band toward the body and holds the pull position while other hand performs 6 reps of press) + Feet elevated side plank dip x 15/15 

– 3x: DB Bench press x 12 > Immediately into 20s max rep push ups + barbell bent row x 10
Team 5k row: After each turn, alternate between the following movements: 

1. Slamball slams x 12
2. DB walking lunges x 12 total
3. KB Swings x 12
4. Dual DB OH Carry w/5press at each cone (15 total)

Teams of 3-4. If team of 4, one 20lb medball must remain overhead at all times.