Workout: 6_16_2023

Warm up
– 2x: lateral lunges > + calf scoops < + forward lung OH reach >

– lat stretch on wall x 20s + SLRDL x 5/5 + prone chest stretch x 20s/20

– 8 minutes: Deficit push ups x 8 + 30s dead hang + Band pull apart x 15 + Barbell hang power clean x 8 
Partner volume: 

You and your partner have 5 minutes to lift as much weight as possible in each section. 1 barbell per team. You and your partner pick a weight that you can both handle. If you cannot match with your partner, use your own barbell or change weights as needed. Rest 2 min. Between each section. Score = reps x wt

1) Barbell Bench press

2) Hang power cleans

3) Front squats (no rack) 
Work: With your partner complete the ladder:
50-40-30-20-10 and back up

– Calorie row

– Barbell shoulder to OH (any way. Moderate wt)

– Heels elevated Goblet squats

– R. twists hand off (each floor tap counts as a rep)