Workout: 3_02_2023

Warm up
2x: On Coaches cue: 4 squat rotations + 5 push ups 3s down phase + 10 hands over head air squats 

5 minutes: Banded walks x 12/12 + superman x 12 + leg swings x 10 front to back/10 side to side 

3x: Deadlift x 5 + hang power cleans x 5 + FS x 5 (all at warm up weights) 
Complexin’: Complete 4 sets

– 5 Deadlifts
– 5 hang power cleans
– 5 Front Squats
– 2 hang power cleans- 2 deadlifts
Individually complete the following: 
500m row/500m ski/850m bike

– 50 R. Twists
– 40 mt. climbers (feet outside of hands)
– 30 Goblet squats
– 20 Triceps pull downs
– 10 Dual DB Curls

Breakdown: You will choose 1 of the 3 breathing efforts and complete it. Once the breathing effort you chose is complete, perform the movements. Once you’ve finished all of the movements, choose another breathing effort (you cannot choose the same one more than once) and then complete the movements. You’ll then pick your third and final breathing effort, then complete the movements. Once you’ve completed all 3 breathing efforts followed by the movements, you are finished.