Workout: 12_08_2022

Warm up
3x: Prone Scorpion x4 + Cat cow x4 + Forward lunge rotation x4 

3x: Banded Good morning x10 + Duck walk >< + Lateral lunges x6
2x: Empty BB back squat x10 + Squat jumps x5 (no barbell)   
Squat test: 8-6-4-2-2-22min rest between sets of 2. Everyone must have a spotter for their sets of 2.  

3x: Goblet hold reverse lunges x12 + FFE split jumps x 12 + Russian twists x20  
12-15 minutes of work:

– Slider push/pull ><

– Alt KB swing to press x 10 total

– Dive bomber push ups x 8

– Alt v-ups x 16