Workout: 11_29_2022

Warm up
3x: yoga push-up x5 + Prone chest stretch x4 +superman pull downs x10 

3x:Plank row to press x8 (light)+ Arm circles x10/10
2x: empty bb bench press x10 + Banded face pull to external rotation x8  
BB Bench press: 6-4-3-3-3 

3x: Glute bridge db Fly x 10 + Hinge position triceps kickbacks x 12 + 5  pull-ups w/3s eccentric   
12-15 minutes: 

– 10 cal ski
– Dual DB hang power clean  to OH x 8
– Blue awning run 
– Deficit push ups x 12  
– Plank position hip dips x 16