Workout: 11_28_2022

Warm up
3x: cat cow x5 + plank strep through x8 + squat rotation x4 

3x: Banded good morning x10 + 90/90 waves x8 + Lateral lunges x8 2x: pogo hops>< SL hops R> L<+ bounds ><   
Back Squat: 6-4-3-3-3 2min rest between sets of 3

3x: Goblet hold Step ups x8/8 + Wdt. Calf raises x12/12 + alt. banded knee tucks x10/10  (laying on back, band around feet, pulls knees to chest)
With a partner: 4k row (20 pulls then switch) While P1 is rowing P2 is moving

After each turn:
-Goblet squats x 8
– Plank position cross body knee to elbow x 10
– FLR until partner finishes pulls