Workout: 11_22_2022

Warm up
Guadalupe run

2x: Forward lunge knee circles x10f/10b + Squat rotation x4 + Lateral lunges x4/4 

4x: 20/10- Squat jumps/Hold
Back squats: 8-6-5-5-5 

3x: Speed skater to box jump x4/4 + SA OH Bulgarian SS x 6/6 (Dumbbell that is OH is on same side of leg that is one bench) + Rain bow Slams (slam ball up, over head alt. sides) x 6 total
Alt. EMOM 8-10min: 
Min1: 5 Dual KB Swings > 5 Dual Front rack kb squat + 5 Dual Press

Min 2: Rotational throws x 5/5 + sprint >< x 2