Workout: 11_16_2022

Warm Up
– 3min machine of choice

6min: HS hold x20s + Band raise>pull apart x10 + Plank shoulder taps x12
Complete 2 of each and then back for 1:  
– Alt. DB Z-press x12 + Db front raise x10 + DB Lat raise x10

– Plank row to Press x6/6 + Wtd. Superman pull downs x10 + Wtd. Dead bugs x6/6
With a partner complete one set of each and go back to the top:

 – Bike 60 cal + Side, side, back, toss x 30

– Ski 60 calories + head cutters x 40

– Row 60 cal + Hang power cleans x 20 

Remember, these movements are NOT FOR SPEED. Work your technique on the hang power cleans. Lower rep volume per person with higher load. Go fast on the machines, not the weights.