As the behind-the-scenes creative for OTL, Michelle Wadsworth has designed many of the shirts and the newest sweatshirt you see around the gym. Her most recent venture was doing a complete overhaul of our website — from redesigning to development.


Michelle definitely believes that “less is more.” An over-complicated design can really hurt the overall user experience, especially on the web. Be simple, but clear.


Michelle is currently a front-end developer at Honeyfund. She absolutely loves bringing designs to life on the web! She has an insane attention to detail, with a strong background in usability, information architecture, and user experience.

When she is not creating or developing things, you can probably find her:

  • At OTL Fitness
  • Snuggling with with her dogs
  • Instagramming her meals (that her boyfriend cooks – she can’t cook to save her live)


Graduated cum laude from Texas State University, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design.

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