Coach David De Leon’s passion as a trainer is obviously the pursuit of helping others change their lives for the better — what trainer doesn’t want that? However, his passion goes further. It goes to the extent of wanting to help those who are looking to live lives well beyond mediocrity. It is his goal to create an environment of like-minded individuals who thrive off of being GREATER. Whether it’s a business owner, a student, a mother, a doctor or a lawyer, it does not matter. What is important to him is to be surrounded by people who motivate him to become better, just as much as he motivates them.


David highly believes the way his athletes perform in the gym is a direct reflection of the way they perform in life. The ability to push past those last few reps is their ability to push through life when things get tough. These people — the ones who are willing to push their limits and motivate those around them — are who we want at OTL Fitness.

With a background in leadership, David puts himself at the helm of leading everyone who enters this gym to a life they couldn’t imagine. Many times, past circumstances make them believe that where they are is “good enough”; when in reality they know they could be more. Knowing this, it is his job to help them reach past the “good enough” and into a life of greatness. Yes, all right here in the gym.

Your physical capacity and mental capacity will be tested. You will lift weights and you will get stronger. You will sprint, and you will get faster. But most importantly, your classmates and your coach will push you to become GREATER. No, OTL is not for everyone, but our athletes range from 50-year-old moms and dads, to 20-year-old students. And although on different levels of physical prowess, they all have 1 thing in common; they are striving for more than mediocrity. Why? Because their life depends on it.


It’s not all gym all the time. Outside of the gym you can find Coach David fishing, running the greenbelt, wake surfing with friends, or cruising the city with Coach Courtney in his 1969 Camaro! If you are a fan of any of these things, be sure to bring it up next time you see him in class.


For the past 7 years and into the future, David has and will continue to learn from the experts around him. Here are the certifications he has received thus far:

  • Gym Jones Fundamentals Seminar
  • The Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer
  • USA Track and Field, Level 1 Coach
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Coaches Prep Course
  • CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting
  • USAW Sports Performance Coach
  • Underground Strength Coach Level 1 & 2
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