Prior to his time in Austin, Blake coached in both the college (Pepperdine University and UCLA) and private sectors of strength and conditioning, working with a variety of clients including athletes in track and field, tennis, basketball, MMA and mountain sports. In his experience Blake has learned the importance of earning client trust through friendship and a shared passion for their goals.


Blake believes in a bottom-up approach to achieving fitness goals, first building a solid foundation of basic movement patterns, then pushing the body in each workout to develop mental and physical strength while cultivating a love for exercise. Blake pulls from his personal journey‘s failures and successes to help others achieve their goals and build a strong body with longevity in mind.


When Blake’s not coaching in the gym you can find him putting in rounds on the jujitsu mats or exploring downtown and the greenbelt with his wife Kaitlyn. He has a deep love for the outdoors and learning about wildlife. If you ever have the opportunity to have dinner with Blake, ask for the grilled cheese. It’s the best ever!


  • Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology
  • USAW Level 1 Performance Coach
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