Workouts: 4_30_2021

Workouts: 4_30_2021

Warm up

  • 3x: 10 goblet Squats + 4 lunge w/rotation + 4 lateral lunges

  • 3x: KB RDL x 10 + Dive bomber push ups x 5 + Hinge/Squat/Stand x 5


Back Squats: 10-10-10 (Warm up slowly, no need to go heavy here. 1 minute rest between each)

Back Squats: 8-8-8 (Slow and controlled squats about 60%. 1 minute rest between each.)

Back Squats: 6-6-6 (build up to about 80% if you’re feeling it. No more than 90s rest between each)


4k Team Ski (teams of 3-4)

After each turn:

  • Backwards box push (1 x 45lb and 1 x 25lb) ><

  • 20lb medball must stay overhead at all times even when being passed to other partner.
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