Workout: 9_8_2021

Warm Up

3x: 20s ski + Goblet squat x 10 + Dead hang w/knee tuck x 20s

1x: Seated straddle stretch x 1 minutes + pigeon x 1m/1m

3x: Wall facing hs hold x 30s + rest x 30s



  • Front Rack/OH KB Carry >< then switch hands
  • Slider pikes x 10
  • Lat pull over with DB x 10


  • Plank position DB Transfer x 10
  • partner med ball sit up > throw x 10 (each)
  • Partner back extension x 10 (partner holds their feet as partner on the ground lifts their chest)


Every minute on the minute x 12 minutes - alternate between the following 2 sections:

Min 1)

  • DB Thrusters x 8

  • Slam Ball Slams x 8

Min 2)

  • Lateral box jump over (one feet always on box) x 12 total

  • KB Swings x 8
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