Workout: 9_15_2020

Workout: 9_15_2020

Have your structured workout, but have your unstructured play as well. Go outside, try to climb a tree, run barefoot through the grass or walk in a creek. Start connecting with nature.

Warm up

  • 1x: Pigeon x 90s/90s + shin box waves x 12

  • 3x: Barbell GM x 10 + Air Squat x 10

  • 3x 20s of each: High knees + Jumping jacks + in and outs


1) 3x: Bulgarian split squats x 8/8 + Toes to bar/Knee tucks x 10 + 10 sec. L-sit hold

2) 4x: Ski x 100m + Thrusters x 10

3) 4x: RDL x 10 + Pull ups x 8-10

4) 3x: Plate Push >< + 50 R. Twists


Begin with entrance run


  • KB Swings

  • Plate ground to OH

  • OH Step back lunges

Finish with entrance run

Entrance run substitute: 1 min 45s Row/Bike/Ski

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