Workout: 9_13_2021

Warm up

  • 3x: Dead hang x 20s + arm circles x 15F/15B

  • 3x: Strict DB press x 10 + Bent fly w/plates x 10 + lat/shoulder stretch on wall x 20s

  • Get barbells out (no racks): 3 warm up sets - 6-10 reps on each set. Weighted as needed.


Barbell push press:


Between sets:

  • Side to side ab rollouts x 8
  • Side plank hip dip x 10/10


3 sets of each section:


  • Ski sprint x 20s
  • Max rep barbell curls x 30s
  • Ma rep triceps pull downs x 30s


  • 2 cone side shuffle > 2 cone sprint
  • Max rep floor press x 30s
  • Max rep deficit push ups x 30s


  • med ball high knees x 20s (hold light dynamax ball in hand. Eblows at 90 degree. Drive knees up hard into the ball. Hold on tight so ball does not come out of hands. Drive the knees quickly).
  • max rep pull ups x 30s
  • Max DB bent rows x 30s
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