Workout: 9_12_2020

Today’s work is large volume. Take your time and chip away. The 1 mile run (or substitute) needs to be done first. For the work in the middle, a great way to go about it is 10 rounds of 10 KB Swings + 20 Air Squats + 30 mt. climbers. However, you decide how you get the middle section done. Once all reps have been completed, finish with another 1 mile run or one of the given substitutes.

Warm up

1) 3 min. Rock to knee tap

2) 2 min squat hold with feet wide

3) Forward lunge with rotation x 4

4) Supine scorpion x 4

Work 1

1 mile run (sub 2k row or ski)

  • 100 KB Swings

  • 200 Air Squats

  • 300 Mt. Climbers

1 mile run (sub 2k row or ski)

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