Workout: 9_10_2021

Warm up

2x: High knees in place x 20s + butt kicks in place x 20s + Push ups x 20s

2x: Lateral lunges x 6 + Dive bomber push ups x 5 + FLR knee to elbow x 10 total (In FLR tap your elbow with your knee)


20/10 x 5 of each:

1) Push ups/FLR

2) Squat/Squat hold

3) Press/OH hold

4) Cone to cone sprint/Rest


Team 5K Ski

P1) person starts at skierg

P2) person begins 5 DB Snatch R/5 DB Snatch L (heavy as possible).

P3) person waits in line

Once P2) Finishes their DB snatches, they go to skierg and P1) Moves on to heavy Dual farmer carry ><. P3) begins their 5/5 DB Snatch. The cycle continues for 5k

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