Workout: 7_30_2020

Workout: 7_30_2020

There are two tasks I want you to complete today. The first task is to drink as close to a gallon of water as you can throughout the day. The second task is to sit at the bottom of a squat for a total of 10 minutes today.

Warm up

3x: PVC pass through x 10 + superman pull downs x 10

3x: Yoga push up x 5 + FLR in and outs x 10R/10L

2x: Arm swings front to back x 10 + Lat stretch w/pvc pipe x 20s each side

Entrance run


1) 3x: HK single arm press x 6/6 + Max rep band curls in 30s

2) 3x: Dual curls (db’s or barbells) x 12 + Bench/Floor press x 10

3) 3x: Dual DB Press x 8 + plate sit up x 10



  • Entrance Run (approx 200m)
  • Hang power clean x 5
  • Push press x 5
  • Front squat x 5

Finish: 300M Ski Sprint

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