Workout: 7_25_2020

Workout: 7_25_2020

Saturday work. The past 2 weeks we’ve been getting under the barbell more than we have since March. Be sure to listen to your bodies.

Warm up

2x: Cossack squat x 6 + Plank wave push up x 5 + Weighted deep squat hold x 30s

2x: Fig. 4 x 20s/20s + 10 leg swings front to back + 10 side to side

1x: Couch stretch x 1min/1min

1x: Hurdler stretch


EMOM x 12 minutes

1) Single arm press x 6/6 + FLR until 50s mark

2) FFE Jumping lunges x 20 + squat hold until 50s mark


  • 500M buy in or 2 min bike/2 min run or 2 min burpees



1) KB Swings + Push ups 2) Weighted squat jumps + Mt. Climber sprawl (both feet jump up) 3) V- ups + DU’s (3x for singles)

  • 500M Cash out
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