Workout: 7_14_2021

Warm Up

  • 3x: Lateral lunges x 4 + prone scorpion x 4 + squat rotation x 4

  • 2x: High knees >< + Side shuffle >< + bear crawl >< + bunny hops ><


3 rounds of each section. Athlete has 40s to complete the weightlifting portion and immediately goes into MAX EFFORT for 2 minutes on breathing portion. Once the 2 minutes of breathing are up, athletes immediately go into 90 seconds of rest before starting their next 40 seconds for their weightlifting portion.

When all 3 rounds of a section are complete, athletes gets 2 minutes to rest/transition into the next section.

For rowing portion, female athletes should shoot for 550+ meters male athletes should shoot for 600+ meters each set. For the ski portion, female athletes should shoot for 500+ meters and male athletes should shoot for 575+ meters.

1) DB Push Press x 10 + Ski

2) KB Swings x 10 + Backwards box push (45lb + 25lb plate on box)

3) Goblet Squats x 10 + Row

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