Workout: 6_22_2020

Workout: 6_22_2020

Today’s workout brings you a lot of upper body movements. Be sure to prep and warm up accordingly. If you have questions on movements or how a workout is set up, please let us know!

Warm up

1) 3 min. Rock to knee tap

2) 2x: 20 arm circles forward + 20 backwards +10 x front to back clap

3) 2x: Supine chest stretch x 4 + Yoga push ups x 5

4) 20/10 Push Up/FLR x 4


1) 3x: Forward Raises x 10 + Pull apart x 10 + Lateral raises x 10

2) 3x: Half kneeling press x 6/6 + SA bent row x 8/8

3) 3x: Feet anchored sit ups x 15 + superman x 12



  • 200M Row/Ski or 40s run
  • Deficit Push Ups x 30s
  • Z Press x 30s
  • Biceps Curls x 30s

Finisher: 2 min HS Hold

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