Workout: 6_14_2021

Warm up

  • Jumping jacks x 2 minutes

  • 2x: Arm swings front to back x 10 + push ups x 10 + arm circles x 10/10

  • 2x: Inch worm x 5 + HS kick ups x 5


1) 3x: Seated dual DB press x 10 + Wide grip bent row x 10 + Banded OH triceps extensions x 30s

2) 3x: 3 Cone Single Arm OH Carry w/5 reps at each cone. (right arm down/left arm back. 15 reps on each arm total) + 15s hanging flutter kicks or alternating knee tucks


1) 3x: Plate ground to OH x 10 + ½ loop OH plate carry + Plate sit up x 10

Then, with a partner:

You go, I go 1>10 barbell strict press. When partner is pressing, other partner is holding barbell OH.

You go, I go 10>1 push ups. When partner is doing push ups, other partner holds FLR.

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