Workout: 5_4_2021

Workout: 5_4_2021

Warm up

1x: Loop Run 2x: Slow shoulder taps x 10 + plank wave push up x 5 + yoga push up w/toe touch x 6 1x: Loop Run 2x: banded chest fly x 10 + banded arm circles x 10 + Banded chest stretch x 20s



Alternating DB Bench press x 10 Leg drops x 5 Chin ups x 8 (slow descent)


Deficit push ups x 10 DB Bent Row x 10 Bicycle sit ups x 30s


15 minutes:

3 cone shuffle > 3 cone sprint Toes to bar x 10 DB Clean (with squat) x 10 Burpee box jump overs x 10


20/10 x 5:

Mt Climber/FLR

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