Workout: 5_21_2020

Workout: 5_21_2020

Find the time. Find the space. Do the work.

Warm up

  • 2x: Squat rotations x 4 + Forward lunge rotation x 4 + Push up to cobra x 10

  • 2x: prone chest stretch x 20s/20s + Knee rotations x 10f/10b each leg

  • 3x: 30s FLR + 30s side plank + 30s side plank + 30s toe touch hold


20>10: Calorie row or ski

1>10: Thrusters

10>1: Sprawl to tuck jump

120s/110s/100s/90s/80s/70s/60s < Seconds to sub for calorie row/ski

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