Workout: 5_20_2020

Workout: 5_20_2020

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Warm Up

  • 2x: 10 Air Squats + 10/10 arm circles + 10 Hip lifts

  • 10 Overhead reach squats

  • 2x: 8 Cossack squats + 10 RDLs + 10 push ups


3x: Deadlift x 5 + Hang power clean x 5 + Press x 5 - 90s or rest between sets


Front Squat: 5/5/5 or 8/8/8 or 10/10/10

  • Between sets: Biceps curls x 12 (dual)



  • Sprint x 20s (you pick the tool)
  • KB Swings x 12 (stay sharp)
  • Single sided walking lunges x 20
  • R. Twists x 30



  • 30s hollow body hold
  • 30s V-ups
  • 30s Plank hip drops
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