Workout: 5_18_2020

Workout: 5_18_2020

Less screen time would probably make you a better human.

Warm up

1) 3m rock to elbow touch 2) Shin box waves x 20 3) Forward lunge + rotation x 10 4) 2m deep squat sit


4 Sets:

  • Bulgarian split squat x 8/8
  • Wide stance goblet squat x 10
  • Squat Jump w/pause at bottom x 10

Rest 30 seconds

  • 12 side V-ups R/L
  • 12 Superman
  • 12 Sit ups



  • 250M Row or Ski - Sub 2m of elevated heart rate if no equipment available
  • 30s of pull ups (when not doing pull ups try to remain on bar)
  • 30s of push ups (when not doing push ups remain in FLR)
  • 30s Bent over Row

  • Pull ups sub: Band lat pulls or band rows if needed. Towel demo in live feed
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