Workout: 5_16_2020

Workout: 5_16_2020

The age of instagram and tiktok and viral videos have led us into the false ideals of training and movements. We repeat many movements in training. Why? Because they work. They are simple. They are not “tricks” and viral hits. They are movements that work. Don’t believe the hype. Read the books: Simple and Sinister or Easy Strength and understand the concepts of training and what works.

Warm up

2x: Rocking push ups x 5 + Squat rotation x 4 + Dive bombers x 5

2x: Arm circles 15F/15B + SL Glute bridge x 10/10 + supine scorpion x 4

1x: Standing figure 4 + Seated straddle stretch

1x: Deep squat hold x 3 minutes


1) EMOM x 8 Minutes: Plate G2OH x 5 + OH Walking Lunges x 10

2) EMOM x 8 Minutes: Plate Sit up x 8 + Broad Jump x 5


500(2min)-400(90s)-300(60s)-200(45s)-100(25s) Row/(run)


  • KB Swing

  • KB Press (dual or single)

  • KB Goblet Squat

  • V-Up
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