Workout: 5_1_2021

Workout: 5_1_2021

Another partner day today. But, if you don’t have one, no problem! You can cut the reps in half and knock it our yourself.


  • Ski - Slamball slams, sprints
  • Plate push - unweighted squat jumps x 50
  • Row: 1.5 mile walk/run + 10 push ups every 3 minutes on a continuous running clock.

Warm Up

  • Body rock w/push up and step through x 3 minutes

  • Squat hold x 90s w/rotations

- 20/10 x 5:

  • Push ups/FLR
  • Squat/Squat hold

Work 1

Complete 3 sets each section with a partner and split reps:

1) 600m Ski + 50 goblet squats

2) Burpee box jumps x 20 + Barbell ground to OH x 20

3) Plate push >< x 6 + Dual KB Swings x 20 + Jumping lunges x 40

Work 2


Max distance row in remaining time. One partner must be holding a KB in goblet position for rower to row. (70/53lbs)

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