Workout: 4_8_2021

Workout: 4_8_2021

Today we IWT. But, you all knew it was coming.

Warm up

2x: Loop Run + Front to back leg swings x 10/10 + Plank wave push ups x 5 + Goblet Squat x 10

2x: Slider mt. climbers x 20 + KB RDL x 10 Yoga push ups x 5


Perform each section for 3 sets. Go immediately from your lifting movement into your breathing movement. Then, rest 90 seconds before beginning again.

  • 8 Deadlifts
  • Row x 2 minutes

  • 8 Hang power cleans
  • 2 minutes Ski

  • DB Bench press x 10
  • Backwards box push x 2 minutes
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