Workout: 4_5_2021

Workout: 4_5_2021

Hydration, vitamin D, vitamin C, Fish oils, clean lean meals, time for meditation and family time.

Warm up

2x: Gate Run (to Houston) + dual hamstring slider curls x 10 + Lateral lunges x 6

2x: Single leg hops over line x 20s R/20s L + quick feet in and out x 20s + Speed skaters x 20s



  • Front Squats x 10 On coaches “down” cue. Allow 90s rest between each


  • FFE Bulgarian split squat x 5/5 with 3s pause at the bottom of each rep.
  • Band walks (band above knees) x 15/15


Go through each sections x 2 then go back to top and repeat:


  • Heavy backwards box push ><
  • Chin over bar + knee tuck hold x 15s


  • Heavy DB Front Rack squats x 10
  • Heavy DB Farmer carry ><

Coaches notes: Try to keep DB’s in the hands the set, then rest and repeat set 2

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