Workout: 1_7_2021

We are still getting our bodies back in working order after our 1 1/2 break. Today’s deadlifts do not need to be heavy. Keep an overhand grip and go by feel when it comes to the weight being used.

Warm Up

  • Body rock x 2 minutes

  • Prone scorpion x 90 seconds

  • Leg swings x 20 front to back/20 side to side

  • 2x: inch worms in place x 5 + Wide stance squat rotation x 4


1) 3x: Band GM x 15 + Hamstring slider curls x 12 (dual)

2) 3x: Kickstand RDL x 8/8 + Broad jump x 5 (big jump, soft land, reset)

3) Deadlifts: 8-8-6-6-4-4 (double overhand grip for all)


Complete 2 rounds of each and continue until coach calls time.

1) Plate push >< x 1 + Single arm get up x 4/4

2) Slider sprints x 8R/8L + DB Z-Press x 10

3) Single arm plank pull x 8/8 + Box jump x 8

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