Workout: 1_14_2022

Warm up

  • 2x: Jumping jacks x 20s + High knees x 20s + push ups x 20s

  • 3x: Barbell front squat x 10 (warm up weight) + lat stretch on wall x 20s + Arm circles x 12/12


  • 3x: Front Squats x 10 + 6pt banded kick back x 10/10 + band pulls x 15

  • 3x: DB Z-Press x 10 + Renegade row x 8 + Side v-up x 10/10


1) With a team complete a 1k Ski

Individually complete


  • 12 KB Swings
  • 16 DB Walking lunges
  • 3 wall walks

Once you’re finished go back to a skierg and begin another 1k ski. As others finish they can join. However, you cannot join a team if a skierg is still available.

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