Workout: 1_14_2021

Workout: 1_14_2021

Great work with your IWT yesterday. During your strength work today, we are going to be under a bar for 48 reps. Load your bar with a moderate weight and take your time through these reps. Focus on finding depth every rep.

Warm up

  • 2 minute squat sit with weight shift

  • Supine scorpion x 6

  • Forward lunge w/rotation x 6

  • 2x: Superman pull downs x 10 + Glute bridge x 10

  • Frog stretch x 2 minutes


1) 3x: Eccentric lowering from box x 5/5 (weighted if needed) + Speed skaters x 10 (Focus on land and balance).

2) Barbell wtd. SLRDL x 5/5 + SL Forward jump and balance x 5/5

3) Back squat: 12-12-12-12 (deep and controlled) 90 sec. Rest between each.



  • Mt. Sliders x 30s

  • DB Thrusters x 30s

  • Toes to bar x 30s



  • Weighted jumping lunges x 30s

  • Wall facing HS Hold x 30s

  • 3 cone side shuffle into 3 cone sprint
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