Workout: 1_12_2021

We sometimes overwhelm ourselves with too many resolutions or goals for the new year and end up doing nothing at all. To help combat this, find a focus each week that will help you get closer to a goal. Smaller tasks are easier to handle and help with our chances of success.

Warm up

1) Loop Run x 2 2) Hinge + squat + rotate L/R then stand x 10 3) Foot elevated glute/core activation x 10 total 4) Front Squats x 10


1) 5 min: Band walks x 12R/12L + pull unders x 5 (pause at the top, then drop) + Duck walk ><

2) Hang Cleans (squat): 8-8-6-6-4-4

  • After first set of 8: Broad jumps x 5
  • After first set of 6: Wide stance RDL
  • After first set of 4: Glute bridge x 12/12


15 minutes:

  • Ski x 200
  • Farmer Carry >< (cones in back)
  • 3 Cone Goblet Carry with 5 squats at each cone. Walk back, no squats on way back (cones in front)


3-5 minutes:

  • Wall squat. Every time coach says go, complete 5 squat jumps
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