Workout: 11_21_2020

Great day to de-load from the heavier lifts this week. Keep the body in motion.

Warm up

  • Jump Rope x 2 minutes: work doubles if you’ve got them

  • 2x: 30s side shuffles + 30s in and out + 30s side to side hops

  • Frog stretch x 1 min

  • Couch Stretch x 1 min/1 min.


Part 1: EMOM x 6 minutes:

  • KB Swing x 5
  • Box jumps x 8

Part 2. EMOM x 6 minutes:

  • DB Ground to OH x 6 (alternating)
  • 5 broad jumps



Begin each new section with a loop run

  • Elbow plank up/downs

  • Wtd. Step ups

  • Z-Press
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