Workout: 11_19_2020

How are your legs feeling? Are you taking care of your body with the correct nutrition and mobility work? This cycle is tough on the body and you need to make sure you are doing the homework to keep the body healthy.

Warm up

  • 2x: 20s: Jumping jacks + High Knees + Air squats

  • Leg swings x 10 reps side to side and front to back

  • Lateral lunges x 6

  • Single leg glute bridge x 10/10

  • Prone leg lifts x 10

  • Broad jumps x 10


1) 3x: RDL x 10 + 6 pt. Banded kick backs x 8/8

2) Back squat: 8-6-5

3) Back squats: 4-4-4-4


12 minutes of work:

  • 3 cone slider crawls w/20 mt. sliders at each cone >/push back no stop

  • SA KB Swing x 5/5

  • SA Thruster x 5/5


Life by burpees

Increase by 1 rep every 30s.

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