Workout: 10_9_2021

Warm Up

  • Guadalupe Run x 2

  • 3x: - Push ups x 10 + Lateral lunges x 6 + Supine scorpion x 4


  • DB Bench Press x 30s + triceps pull downs x 30s+ Dual DB bent row x 12

  • 3x: 3 cone single arm OH press and carry x 5 press at each cone. Switch arms on way back (15 total press each arm) + Goblet squats x 12


EMOM alternating minutes for 15 minutes:

  • Burpee over barbell (jump over and back) x 8

  • Barbell Front squats x 10

  • Barbell shoulder to OH x 10

You can add weight to the barbell but don’t go too heavy because you have a lot of reps to do. Find a weight that keeps you moving!

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