Workout: 10_9_2020

Grab your partner and get your work in today.

Warm up

  • Step through hold x 1m/1m
  • Leg swings x 10 front to back and 10 side to side
  • Yoga push up x 10 + 6 pt. Knee rotations x 10f/10b
  • Dead hang x 1 min.
  • Handstand hold x 1 min.


You go, I go with a partner:

1) 15-10-5-10-15 - KB Swings/Dynamax ball OH Hold

2) 5-10-15-10-5 - Burpee jump overs/barbell biceps curls

3) 8-16-24-16-8 - wtd FFE Jumping lunges/Rest


3 rounds, then switch:

P1) Ski x 10/15 Cal (Mt. climbers x 50)

P2) Hold Goblet then perform 10 goblet squats once cals are reached

3 rounds, then switch:

P1) 1 Loop Lap around gym

P2) Holds FLR then performs 10 deficit push ups once P1 returns from run.

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