Workout: 10_16_2020

Another Friday partner workout!

Warm up

  • 2x: Rotations x 10 + Plank wave push up x 5 + floor touch > oh reach x 5
  • Foot on box hip mobility/Hamstring stretch
  • 2x: Band pulls x 12 + Squat rotation x 4 + scorpion x 4


1) 3x: Turkish get up x 3/3 + Chin over bar hold x 15s

2) 3x: KB Swing x 12 + SA Press x 5/5

3) 3x: Body saw x 8 + Wall facing HS Hold x 20s


Complete 3 rounds then switch:

P1) Ski x 200M

P2) Wall Sit. Once 200m are complete - 15 squat jumps

Switch each round x 3 rounds

P1) Completes 6 Push Press - Holds OH

P2) Begins loop run when P1 starts OH Hold

Complete 12 plate push. Switch can take place at point A or point B at any time.

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